Content Audit Guide

Is your website content up to its job?

Good website content does a lot of things, but there are three key jobs it does particularly well. Good content:

  • Attracts – it can be found by search engines and brings the right people to your website.
  • Illuminates – search engines understand what it’s about, and it gives readers the information they want.
  • Persuades – it convinces readers of your value.

All in service of generating customers, leads and sales for your business.

There are many factors that affect how well your content can do these jobs. Understanding them all via a content audit is an essential step towards improving the quality of your content and the performance of your website overall.

However, getting a grip on your content is not easy without the right framework. Download our content audit guide to get a clear picture of:

  • The quality of your content.
  • Whether your content matches your target audience and your goals.
  • Whether you have enough of the right kinds of content.
  • Your content’s performance – how well it can drive your business goals.
  • The steps you need to take to improve your content.

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