Customer Journey

Brands that understand their customers’ journeys have more success marketing to them at every stage.

Think of the internet as a jungle, and your customer as an explorer. Their adventure started with the awareness that they had a need, which led to the consideration of where to explore and what to research, and then to their discovery of their treasure chest.

This is the customer journey – the process your Digital Persona takes in choosing your product or service.

During the Research Phase of your digital strategy, we map this process to illuminate your Digital Persona’s behaviours, how and where they seek information, their key needs, and how they can be helped along the way to progress from the first to the final stage: becoming your customer.

Mapping the Customer Journey is an important step in laying the foundations to make your digital strategy the best it can be. Just as a map is important to an explorer, because it prevents them from getting lost or throwing in the towel and calling an Uber, a Customer Journey map is important for you.

The Customer Journey links the Research Phase with the Review Phase of your Digital Strategy, informing keyword research and content audit.

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