Above The Line

Above the Line marketing includes advertising to large, broadly defined audiences. It’s a mode of advertising with a goal to reach as many consumers as possible. It is a mass marketing strategy that focuses largely on brand building and top-of-mind awareness. This kind of marketing includes television, radio and print media advertising.

This type of advertising can be very effective if your goal is to reach a large audience with engaging creative. It’s good for building brand familiarity that can eventually lead to sales.

But its disadvantages include a lack of targeting, difficulty measuring and high costs – often with unknown ROI.

Enhancing or replacing your traditional above the line marketing efforts gives you greater control over the audiences you reach, transparent goal tracking and measurable return on investment.

At Kwasi, we begin the transformation process with market research into your target audience market demand and your competitors to develop a clear strategy to drive your goals.

Our strategies include services to transform ATL marketing, including:

Digitally transform your traditional above the line marketing with Kwasi.