Tammy Tu

Inbound Marketing Strategist

You know how you talk about something then you’re suddenly served a Facebook ad about that exact product? Then you start thinking ‘is my phone listening to me…?’ Well no, that’s just Tammy doing her job really well. She’s our paid media and marketing automation guru – and she can be yours as well.

If you didn’t already know, social media marketing is more than just putting your products in front of as many people as possible, it’s also about being able to hit the right audience. One that’s engaged and ready to buy. That’s where Tammy comes in. Being an avid researcher armed with a healthy dose of curiosity about how your end customer’s brain works, she can create a strong digital persona and customer journey to set you on the right path. Then comes the paid ads strategy that will hit them right where it hurts and get you those leads or that ROI you’re after. Pair that with one of her killer email marketing and marketing automation strategies and you’ve got yourself a well oiled lead nurturing (or conversion) machine.

When she’s not sending ads and browse abandonment emails to follow you around relentlessly, you’ll find her in wine country enjoying the best South Australia has to offer or with a pét nat in hand at Hellbound or Leigh Street Wine Room before she heads to her usual table at Golden Boy. Oh, and she’s also Kwasi Quiz Night’s undefeated champion.

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