Stella Nadebaum

Content Marketing Assistant

A never-ending flow of creativity and ideas is what Stella brings to the Kwasi crew. With a degree in Media and Marketing, Stella shares her experience of content creation and social media marketing to our clients. From creating visual assets, EDM’s, articles and even front-end website design, she can easily attract and engage your customers through great content marketing.

If you find your eyes-glued to the page on your website – that’s probably the work of Stella. Her daily word count includes writing and optimising content across blogs, web pages, landing pages, category pages and more. In between content production, she creates wicked win-back marketing automation email flows and EDMs for your all CRM goals AND she creates Facebook ads. She basically stalks your audience across their customer journey

Outside of Kwasi central, you can catch Stells out for dinner at Hanamura, or volunteering at her local national park. That is of course if she hasn’t flown away to her next holiday destination. 

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