Omkar Borle

Digital Project Manager

Being a proudly Agile team, we found the perfect fit in Omkar – affectionately known around the office as Omi. An experienced project manager and Agile coach with a background in both marketing and IT, he’s pretty good at managing all the moving parts that go on at Kwasi.

Signing on for a digital transformation with us? Omi’s the one that is responsible for overseeing it and making sure that all the tasks in your tailored digital strategy will be completed on time and within budget – and we all know that’s easier said than done! You’re likely to meet him at your initial kick off meeting with us just so he can get to know you and understand what exactly it is that you need from our team. And from then on, you can count on the fact that he’s working hard behind the scenes to ensure that our talented production team is working efficiently and kicking goals left, right and centre for you.

When he’s not keeping our ducks in a row at Kwasi, Omi enjoys cooking, working out and going on outdoor adventures. He’s also an aspiring whisky connoisseur – which makes it easy when the team needs to get him a birthday or secret Santa gift.

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