Oliver Whelan

Digital Project Manager

At Kwasi, Ollie is like the train conductor – thanks to him, we stay on course and never come flying off the tracks. With 13 years of experience in leadership. as a Digital Marketing Specialist and with feed based advertising, Ollie has done it all. That’s not going to stop us from asking more of our in-house process and automation guru though.

With organisation as his middle name (his parents must have been good at planning ahead too), he keeps the team working as a well-oiled machine. Because of Ollie, the Kwasi team is able to achieve results, be digital innovators and continually optimise and improve our processes.

Ollie’s told us more than once that his goal is to be so organised and embrace so much automation that he makes himself redundant; and it’s only a vanishingly small part of us that hopes he succeeds.

With a nearly frightening level of knowledge about PPC, Ollie seems to have the ears of a few folks at Google… which probably explains why all his pens, notebooks, his drink bottle, bag and who knows what else are all emblazoned with Google Partner logos.

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