Bek Chetcuti

Digital Marketing Assistant

The second member of the Kwasi team with a Bachelor in psychology and a Masters in marketing (no prizes for who the other one is) and a natural gift for data, Bek knows how to work her way into the minds of customers… and our customer’s customers.

Bek started as an intern with Kwasi in early 2018, but didn’t last long before we asked her to stay on (did that come out wrong?) Back then she was still figuring out what path to follow in the marketing world, but it turns out that content and copywriting for digital marketing would be her thing.

In addition to writing catchy copy to drive more leads and traffic for our clients, Bek now spends her days applying her mad psych skills to dive into customer behaviours, motivations and insights to develop Digital Personas and Customer Journeys, and analysing data in Content Audits.

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