Amin Ansari

Digital Project Manager

You know how they say that it’s hard to find someone who ticks all the boxes? Well, Amin does for us. From web design experience through to SEO and a strong project management background, we somehow found the perfect person (with all the Kwasi skills) we needed in him.

He’s a big believer in collaborating with team members rather than being a manager, which is why he’s transformed our Kwasi Squad into an Agile team. He works closely with each member of our production team individually to ensure that Kwasi as a whole is delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

Amin also comes armed with a degree in software engineering, a PhD in Communications and Media as well as a Professional Scrum Master certificate. So it’s safe to say he knows what he’s doing, and can lead the team to achieve meaningful results.

In his spare time, he enjoys nothing more than reading, writing – did we mention he’s a published writer as well? – and watching movies.

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