SKAG Checklist

Get more out of your search engine marketing with lower costs, higher conversion rates and better quality clicks.

Learn how to make the one key change your AdWords account that will rapidly transform your sales and leads while driving your online advertising costs way down.

Single Keyword Ad Groups are bringing a revolution in PPC. By following our checklist and setting up SKAGs correctly, you can:

  • Increase (the right) traffic to your website
  • Achieve higher ad ranking positions
  • Increase clickthrough rates for your ads
  • Reduce your cost per click, per lead and per sale.
  • Increase your total return on advertising spend

And this isn’t even the whole list: get the SKAG checklist to learn all the benefits of setting up Single Keyword Ad Groups.

Discover how to set up SKAGs step-by-step from keyword research and setting up your account to creating individual ads and setting budgets right through to on-going optimisation.

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