Search Engine Marketing

Well planned and impeccably executed Search Engine Marketing grows brands while shrinking their marketing costs.

Search Engine Marketing is an umbrella term for a range of paid advertising strategies that can bring in more customers, get more leads and sales and improve your return on advertising spend. With Search Engine Marketing, we grow business while keeping their ROI high and their cost per customer low.

Here’s some of the SEM services we offer:

Learn how Kwasi can transform your Search Engine Marketing.

PPC & Digital Advertising

Reach the customers who are actively looking for solutions you can provide with strategically placed PPC and digital advertising campaigns.

Search Advertising

Place targeted ads in search results to boost your online visibility and reach more of your ideal customer with cost-effective advertising campaigns.

Display Advertising

Find, attract and engage new customers on their own turf with compelling visual display advertising campaigns.

Google Shopping

Show your product to customers who are ready to buy. Google Shopping campaigns are built to sell straight from search results.


Bring back website visitors as customers with a re-targeting campaign that strategically shows ads to customers who have seen your website but haven’t bought yet.

Digital Prospecting

Find new customers to target and build your retargeting and remarketing audience lists with a tailored digital lead prospecting campaign.

International PPC

Take the logistical and regulatory complexities out of advertising to international audiences by partnering with an international PPC agency with globale experience.

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