Link Building Grows Revenue 50% for Florist Supplier eCommerce Site


To grow organic traffic and revenue on their ecommerce website, Koch & Co, a national retailer selling florist and event decoration supplies, partnered with Kwasi on an organic link building campaignfocusing on their six key product categories.

The goals

  • Increase website Domain Authority
  • Increase Page Authority for key category pages
  • Increase search visibility for key category pages
  • Improve organic search performance and revenue for key categories

The results

  • Increased Domain Authority increased from 26 to 50
  • Average Page Authority for targeted pages increased from 23 to 37
  • Search visibility for targeted pages increased by 4284 points
  • 27.4% more organic traffic to targeted pages
  • 45.5% more purchases from targeted pages
  • 49.9% increase in organic revenue from targeted pages

50 DA

increased from 26 da


increase in search visibility points

+ 27%

organic traffic

+ 50%

organic revenue

The strategy

The number and quality of external links a page has strongly influences its authority. And building authority for a page is key to growing search visibility (getting it found), organic traffic and revenue. To achieve the goals we needed to hit for Koch’s pages, we knew we’d have to build more links to the site.

To identify opportunities to build links to Koch’s key pages, we:

  • Reviewed Koch’s existing links
  • Conducted competitor backlink analysis
  • Identified relevant directories
  • Identified unlinked brand mentions
  • Conducted reverse image searches
  • Created a register of relevant blogs to target

We also supported our external link building with an internal linking restructure to represent the optimal page authority hierarchy.

Our backlink analysis of the Koch website showed they were already on most of the relevant directories. Most of those they weren’t on required paid listings. Similarly, Koch’s unlinked brand mentions didn’t show many opportunities. Many were from wholesalers or resellers of Koch’s products, which weren’t ideal candidates for outreach.

Ultimately, we found the most opportunities in developing a blogger outreach strategy.

To start, we developed a hitlist of bloggers to reach out to. We identfied opportunities by finding blogs that consistently featured language highly relevant to the categories we were targeting. Australian DIY blogs, floristry blogs, home decorating blogs, wedding blogs and event planning blogs were prioritised.

Narrowing the list down to the blogs with the highest potential, we focused on up-and-coming bloggers with a Domain Authority between 20-50. Anything lower wouldn’t give enough value, but anything higher would be a much harder prospect, with many above this point earning income from partnerships with their sites already.

We had our hitlist, but the key to growing links would be in our outreach strategy.

Throughout outreach, we carefully calibrated our language to the types of bloggers we were talking to. Instead of actually asking for links we asked for “mentions” and gave bloggers credible reasons for doing so – like to make it easier for their readers to find the types of products the bloggers would use in tutorials.

We also ensured we had something we could offer bloggers in return. Most often it was products they could use in their content. This didn’t just build goodwill with the bloggers, it make it easy for them to decide what to link to.

This strategy of targeted outreach and relationship-building has almost doubled Koch’s domain authority and increased their revenue from targeted pages by 50%.

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