Adelaide’s Inaugural SEO Meetup – #ADL1

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Kwasi Moments
March 6th, 2013 marked an auspicious day for the local SEO community, with the launch of Adelaide’s first-ever SEO meetup at Stepney’s Maid Hotel. Hosted by Kwasi Studios and The Search Guys, and held in conjunction with nationwide SEO Meetups program, the evening proved a great opportunity for new and old faces in the SEO world to get to know each other and share their SEO knowledge. We were also treated to a delectable spread of The Maid’s best brain food, along with delicious Kwasi Moments baked by our multi-talented guest speaker, Sha Menz. From the first bite it became clear that, if Sha knew as much about SEO as she did cookies, we were in for a treat.

Luckily for us, Sha’s SEO know-how was even more impressive that her taste bud-blitzing baking.  After a brief introduction from Kwasi Studios Head Honcho Woj Kwasi and The Search Guys’ Luke Jamieson, attendees buckled up for an informative and enlightening talk on all things link removal.  Sha has been generous enough to share a slideshow of her presentation below, but sorry, we ate all the cookies!

Thanks to our sponsors Cloudflare and Acquisio we also ran a competition on the night, with free gear going out to the Meetup attendee with the most retweets, the funniest tweet, best photo and anyone who tweeted ten times or more about the event. Check out the tweets so far below:

Stay tuned… we’ll announce our competition winners later this week.

All in all, Adelaide’s first SEO Meetup was a great success, and a sign of exciting things to come for Adelaide’s growing SEO community. The event left even the most seasoned SEO enthusiasts with new insights into their craft, and had all attendees looking forward to our next event on April 10, 2013. If you’re interested in SEO and would like to connect with like-minded online marketers, we’d love to see you at our next Meetup. For details, see MeetUp #ADL2

Woj and Luke
Hosts Woj & Luke, getting excited about breaking SEO ground in Adelaide
Group shot
Learning about link removals

Luckily for us, Will Tran was on hand to document the event. Check out more photos here.

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